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History of Veteran Nation


Veteran Nation Motorcycle Club comes from the vision of Joseph "Papa Bert" Butler. He envisioned the uniting of Veterans to ride together while supporting local Veteran posts and assisting Veterans in need. Papa Bert often used "Vets Helping Vets" in conversations and correspondence. Vets Helping Vets -stands as the foundation of our mission in advocating for ALL Veterans.

Papa Bert began this journey with the inception of Murphy Canyon MC, a small but unified group in San Diego, California. Murphy Canyon MC would frequent Veterans of Foreign Wars and American Legion posts, bars, and biker gatherings. That is where they found like-minded Veterans who shared a passion for riding motorcycles, camaraderie, and esprit de corps.

The goal to expand and reach out to more Veterans led Papa Bert to establish the VFW MC in 2004, a historic milestone. Like any organization, challenges came and went, but Papa Bert remained at the helm until his passing in 2014. He left behind a legacy of supporting Veterans in need. His legacy inspired many to join and carry the torch for Veteran Advocacy.

As time passed, however, the same challenges continued to occur. The main issue was that the name and logo did not belong to the Club. The Club was merely “allowed” to use it, more specifically, only authorized for use in California. Another critical concern overlooked was that while operating under the VFW name and VFW Cross of Malta, the name limits itself to only a specific demographic of Veterans. A Veteran is a Veteran and deserves support and respect. It does not matter whether they served in peacetime or at war.

This impasse became irreconcilable, so the majority of members made a noble but difficult decision to disconnect from the VFW name and stand as equals on their own. They were endeavoring to branch out and build a new era of fighters willing to continue carrying that torch as a Motorcycle Club, unbeholden to any outside organization.


Invariably, we will continue to pay homage to Papa Bert, one man’s vision:

Est. 2004.

Vets Helping Vets – advocating for all Veterans who served honorably.

We are Veteran Nation MC!


Our Colors



BLACK:  In memoriam to our fallen. And as a reminder of how near death is for those who  fought in harm's way.


SILVER:   Merit, Strength, & Honor


GOLD:        For all branches of military service of the United States.




The eagle is holding a scroll in its beak, bearing the words "In Hoc Signo Vincens,"

Latin for "In this sign, thou shalt conquer."


The three lightning bolts held in the eagles’ talon denote the power method to strike by air, land, and water to defend this country from any enemy: foreign or domestic.


The gold star honors the Gold Star families whose loved ones made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom, and to remember, they also serve.



VN CA (31).png

All members are Veterans of the Armed Forces

We commit in adhering to the ideals of those that paved the way before us. We are grateful for the rich history of motorcycle clubs, the enjoyment of riding, and the comradeship of the community.


Vets Helping Vets-We are stronger together.


Black, Silver, & Gold!

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